Machine designed for unwinding and rewinding material placed in the cradle. Speed is controlled by angle of the Dancer. The machine is equipped with puller for possibility of winding heavier materials. The machine can be equipped with side controll.

Type of the machine

ICZ 1300 UNW CR1

ICZ 1600 UNW CR1

ICZ 2300 UNW CR1

Working width of the machine

1 300 mm

1 600 mm

2 300 mm

Units in the machine


The machine is equipped with a sensor for monitoring sag of material. Based on the information from this sensor is controlled the drive shaft. Winding with sag allows for material take-up from the outgoing production line with reduced stretching.


The machine is equipped with a puller to assist the drive during winding. It also serves to create tension of the material between the subsequent machine and the unwinder.

Side controll

The machine is equipped with a device for checking the alignment of winding. If the material is unwound off-center, the machine will slightly adjust its position to realign it.

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